Normandie Start-in-Tech :
24 months to make your innovative idea a success

A Concept based on local human and industrial values in Normandy, France.

This 24-month program, which combines practical teaching and practical work, offers start-ups continuous support to turn their idea into a need for a concrete and immediate market.
Normandy Start-in-Tech is a tool that offers start-ups the means to achieve their ambitions through a technical kit, marketing, commercial and financial and especially through exchanges with local partners and manufacturers. We hear a lot about start-ups, companies based on technological innovation or a break in use that can grow exponentially in a few months and disappear as quickly.
The competition is tough, and many of these companies never reach economic equilibrium. There are many reasons for this : lack of success, poor communication, mismanagement, lack of strategic vision, slow growth, etc.

Normandy Start-in-Tech : for whom ?

This program is aimed at all innovative start-ups in France and the effectiveness of the concept is based on the relationship with Normand’s partners. The implementation of start-ups in Normandy naturally selects innovative projects and entrepreneurs who adhere to the concept and its values. In addition to the criteria of coherence and ambition of the project, and especially the personal qualities of the wearer, Start-in-Tech selects projects that can be accompanied by Normand partners.

Normandy Start-in-Tech : what is it ?

  • Teaching with standardized development methods to create an innovative solution, or break, without causing a blockage for its deployment on the market.
  • Teaching and providing a scalable “IoT ready” kit including BigData, DataMining, Cloud, Blockchain, API and SDK, Android and IOS.
  • Teaching and putting in touch with local partners for the realization of the models.
  • Teaching and connecting with local partners for personal development, lifestyle choices, structuring the business project.
  • Teaching and networking with partners for project financing and fundraising.
  • Teaching on the international market, sell and / or manufacture there, and put in touch with partners.
  • Banking, technical, accounting, marketing and financial resources Normandy Start-in-Tech partners.
  • A friendly and professional work environment.
  • 24-month planned support to reach your goal : Success !


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